Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Well, Faceless and I are now in the great state of Nebraska. It's another part of the United States I've never been to or even read about, but it seems nice - if fairly rural-looking(then again, I'm a big city kind of guy, so seeing so many small towns is a bit of a shock to the system). We've found our way to a hotel in...well, I'm not sure where - but I'm finally able to get a shower and charge up this laptop. 

Again, I apologize for any silence on our end; it's just been days of driving and talking, mostly. I've been keeping quiet for most of the trip with Faceless, since well, I told her outright that I still don't trust her after the shit she's done with working for The Weaver. It's different with Collector in that he saved my life, but with her - I think I touched on this in an earlier post - I still don't know her, and thus, can't judge her based on what she's doing now. 

I know that must make me seem like a cold-hearted bastard, but look at it from my perspective; I've lost my best friend, my girlfriend, and in general, my life to this bastard and his mindless followers; it's going to be REALLY hard for me to trust someone who used to work for Him if they haven't proven their reliability. 

As for Collector - well, we all know what happened to him. I hope he's able to find us when and if he comes back. I know he says he will, but I don't know, for all of his powers, if he'll be able to come back from death itself again. I could be full of shit and such, of course, but I'm going to approach this with watchful waiting - really, it's all we can do right now. 

I'm going to go grab some food for Faceless and I - I may not trust her, but damn it if I'm going to be a total douchebag to her. I'll try to write again when we touchdown at the next destination we're headed to(wherever that is). 



  1. Has anything happened in the meantime? It's been nearly a two months, after all...

  2. I'm going to be updating the first chance I get.

    It's hard to update when we've been running almost constantly for the past 2 months.