Monday, 26 November 2012

Long time no see

It's me. And I'm still alive.

I do apologize for the massive delay in posting on my end - since the incident with Faceless in Nebraska - which you can read about over on her blog - I've been trying to cut down on using my laptop since, well, you know how that fucker manages to fry technology if he's within close proximity of it.

Though after several months of using this thing for little more then browsing the Internet and following American politics, I decided to give this blogging thing another chance, against my better judgement. Then again, I'm not really well known for using my better judgement now a days; looking back, if I had used real judgement before all this started, I'd never have mentioned to Lillith about Queenston Heights.

As for Faceless and I? Well, she's interesting. I don't feel any hatred for her anymore as I used to. Now a days, she's more or less a kindred spirit. We're both battling against Him for reasons of our own - mine because he wanted me dead, hers because well...she wants him dead - and as such, we're allies now. But more then that, I'm able to talk to her and understand the methods to her madness - once you peel away the psychotic nature of half of her personal blog, you can find out that she's just someone who wants to survive, just like myself.

I'd rather not say where we are at the moment - I'm sure Faceless will when she's good and ready - but we're still waiting for Collector's signal. I personally hope he hurries - I've already seen a few signs that his flunkies are tailing us.

Again, so sorry about the prolonged absence. I'll try to be more frequent with posts.


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