Thursday, 9 August 2012


I never really did much travelling before all of this shit went down, but now it's all we're doing. 

Driving and driving and driving. Thank God I bought some Gravol before we left town - carsickness on a trip like this would not be a good thing. I don't think Jack would like me asking him to roll down the windows to throw up every 15 minutes - I figure he'd be more likely to throw me out of the car head first at that rate. 

Anyway, as I write this we're currently stopped at a gas station...somewhere. I still don't know my geography, but right now I'm not too keen on finding out where I am - simply because it'll make me homesick. I still think about my parents and friends I left behind, but then I remember that if I go back, I put them all in danger. I'm committed to this now, and I'm going to see this through, no matter what it takes. 

For the record, my first post in this blog referred to "Collector"; I should clarify now that Jack is Collector, but he told me he prefers the name Jack - and since he saved my life, I felt it was only right I honoured his request. I hope anyone who reads this isn't confused, but now you shouldn't be - Jack and Collector are the same person. 

I do have to laugh because Jack's last post in his blog, Veil of Inquiry, mentioned how I was asking him so many questions and treated him like "the second coming of Christ"; Well, and this is for you, Jack - after all I've been through, it's hard for me not to have so many questions, especially when you seem to know a hell of a lot more then I do.

As for the "second coming" thing, the fact you were able, through some method that I have yet to understand, to make The Weaver disappear by shoving him does make me look in awe of you, somewhat - I will admit that. And shit, it's hard not to. 

Anyway, I'm going to power off my laptop - hopefully we get to a hotel soon because I need to charge it. 


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