Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Jack and I are back on the move - I can't say where we are, but we touched down in America not too long ago. Funny, it's my first time being in the northern states - I never thought it would be under these circumstances - but hey, I'm going to at least pretend to enjoy myself during this time; I'm thinking of asking him to swing by NYC if we get the chance, but I doubt that we're heading in that direction - in fact, we seem to be driving further and further away from the Big Apple as we speak. 

As an aside, I am really glad I invested in one of these wireless cards. Means I can have Internet wherever we go - and let me tell you, running around the country can get boring fast - I mean, when nothing happens, obviously. 

We're on our way to meet up with Faceless, at least, I think we are - Jack won't say where she is, and that's fine; I just hope we aren't driving into a trap. Thankfully, even if we are, we won't run out of money any time soon; I've got about 2000 on my debit card(which I hope still works in America, if not, I'll have to rely on Jack's good will...ha ha.) and Jack - well, let's just say we can't spit without hitting money. I have no idea where he gets it all, but I'm not going to complain. 

I just wanted to give a little update as I've nothing better to do until we get to the hotel. 

Then I'm going to get some sleep. A lot of sleep. 


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